National EUROPASS Centre

Department of Lifelong Learning

Contact persons

Mgr. Tatiana Haviarová                            Tel: 0911 610 115

Ing. Radka Repiská                                   E-mail:


The National Europass Centre has been part of the National Institute of Vocational Education since 1 February 2018. The main tasks are:

  • raise awareness of Europass and contribute to its better understanding and use by different users,
  • Develop Europass tools to support better documentation of users' skills and qualifications,
  • cooperate with the European Commission, the network of national centres in the EU Member States and other institutions and organisations involved in the implementation of Europass at national and international level.

Europass was created in 2004 by the European Union and a new, modern version was launched in 2020. It contains a set of free online tools that support you to effectively summarise and present your skills, qualifications and other qualities.

Europass is a personal online space to record your learning and work experience. Here you can highlight your skills, showcase your strengths and discover all the opportunities Europe has to offer. Europass is available in 29 languages and offers tools to help you at every stage of your career or training. Start exploring opportunities and take your learning and career one step further.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us by e-mail at or visit our website




Postal address:
Štátny inštitút odborného vzdelávania
Lifelong Learning Unit
Bellova 3277/54A
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