Financial literacy

On the basis of the Resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic No. 447 of 2 July 2008, the "Proposal for an Education Strategy in the Financial Field and Personal Finance Management" became an important part of the educational process. Its output was the National Financial Literacy Standard version 1.0, developed in 2008. Last in the series is National Financial Literacy Standard version 1.2 ( was developed as part of the optimisation of the National Standard for Financial Literacy version 1.1 (NSFG).

State Institute of Vocational Education (ŠIOV)as a member of the Inter-Ministerial Expert Group on Financial Literacy (hereinafter referred to as MES FG), processed and recommended to approve  National Financial Literacy Standard version 1.2which takes into account the need to optimise the National Financial Literacy Standard version 1.1 due to the breadth of topics and also to incorporate adjustments to ensure the main objectives of entrepreneurship education. It was approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic on 9 March 2017 under number 2017-1053/10961:12-10E0 with effect from 1 September 2017 starting with the first year.

Mapping financial literacy

Objective The objective of the mapping of activities related to the promotion of financial literacy, which ŠIOV - SCCF implemented
in 2019-2020 was to find out the state of financial literacy education in Slovakia and to identify opportunities for visibility and networking.  We mapped the period 2016-2019. 
can be found at


Entrepreneurship education

State education programmes for vocational education and training je zapracované podľa  Act No. 245/2008 Coll. on Education and Training (School Act) and on Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts, through the two-level model of education, introduced education and training in schools and school facilities according to state and school educational programmes: "Education for entrepreneurship" is comprehensively included in the approved state educational programmes for vocational education and training for individual groups of education fields in the educational standard common to all fields. In order to promote entrepreneurship education and financial literacy, it is recommended that all secondary vocational schools include the subject of the training company in school education through the ŠIOV and its workplace, the Slovak Centre of Training Companies. 

Teaching supporting education to entrepreneurship completes the professional profile of the graduate and her inclusion must be reflected in school curricula for the study and teaching fields of secondary vocational schools as part of the educational process. It has its own specificities, allows the application of various innovative teaching methods and is oriented towards the development of knowledge and skills in relation to the future applicability of the graduate in real life.

Useful links and documents

  • Full text of the textbook Exercise firm practicum (for SCO 6317 6 business academy) can be found at


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